What Makes Great Art Studios Stand Out

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About Great Art Studios
We are a leading commercial photography and video production company in Irvine, California, that began operations in 1990. We specialize in using light and composition to create incredible marketing collateral that promotes products and services. 

Over the past thirty years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with the defense industry, Easyriders Magazine, and have also traveled to Europe to capture world cup ski racing. While we’ve completed high profile projects, our most interesting one has been Sikorsky Helicopters.

We were also assigned to fly with the Los Angeles County Fire Department for two weeks to capture images of the fire hawk water-dropping helicopter in action. Besides, we have kept our composure while passing through the walls of flames to film massive bush fires.

We make ourselves available to shoot on location across Irvine, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim, San Bernardino, Riverside, and the surrounding areas. We also have a studio that can be utilized for shooting.

The Great Art Studios Difference
One aspect that makes us second to none is that we love what we do, and our enthusiasm creates an atmosphere of pure enjoyment for clients. Consequently, during production, we go the extra mile to accommodate all their requirements.

What sets us apart from the rest is that we use our experience to overcome challenges and deliver fantastic photography and videos at speed. Clients can also leverage the imagination of our scriptwriters and creative editors who craft innovative storytelling.

One of our most significant achievements is that we’ve helped several clients create spectacular footage for feature films. These productions have been named official selections at fifteen major film festivals, which is particularly satisfying.

Our dream for the future is to stay up to date with the latest technologies so that we can offer the most advanced equipment. We also aim to expand and set up studios in San Francisco and Las Vegas.

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