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Being Self-Aware

Train Your Brain to be Neutral or Better

The Rules of the Strong Brain Club

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Life is full of emotional roadblocks, pitfalls and disasters that mess with our psyche and disrupt our mental world.   Family, friends, work, sickness and drama of all types invade our world and sometimes suck the life right out of us.  The human brain occasionally seems to be a fragile Ming Vase just waiting to be knocked over to shatter into a thousand pieces.  The gauntlet of life is a never-ending battle to keep the mental state from dropping into the abyss of depression or just feeling lousy.  The powerful positive answers to this quagmire of emotions are found among The Rules of The Strong Brain Club.  These rules are a preemptive strike against all who may invade our mental world with malice or just silly human needs.


The most important aspect of the rules of the Strong Brain Club is being self-aware.  All rules stem from this basic concept.  Self- examination of your mental state during as much of any 24-hour period is the goal.   What is the brain concentrating on? What outside influences are affecting the brain’s thoughts?  How is the brain handling the outside world’s influence?  What concepts send the brain into a panic or straight to a bout of severe depression?   The members of the Strong Brain Club and constantly giving their mental state a checkup.  Being self-aware is the baseline for all the remaining rules. Once self-awareness is a denominate concept, then life can change from the powerless reactive to the powerful pro-active.

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